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The Family Law Association is committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes in Scotland. Find out more below or search our directory of family lawyers in your area. You can select to find solicitors who are Calm Mediators, Collaborative Lawyers and that offer Legal Aid.

Do I Need a Solicitor?

Seeking legal advice at an early stage can assist in clarifying issues and breaking the issues down into manageable steps. It can help alleviate immediate worries about short term arrangements.


Information can be found here about the ground of divorce in Scotland and the ways of establishing irretrievable breakdown of marriage.


Find out more about making plans to care for your children after a separation.


Find out more about your rights if you were living together with your partner rather than married.

The Family Home

Get clear information and answers to questions about the family home.

Division of Property

Find out more about what matrimonial property is and how it is divided on separation and divorce.

Aliment and Child Support

Find out more about aliment (spousal maintenance) and child support.

Domestic Abuse

Find out more about the remedies available to you in the event of domestic abuse.


Find out more about legally binding agreements dealing with arrangements on separation or pre/post nuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements.

Court Process

Find out more about the Scottish courts and how they deal with family cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many FLA members are trained in alternative dispute resolution techniques. Find out more and whether one of these may be right for you.

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